Embrace your intuition, build your business, and fulfill your life purpose with the mentorship of heart-centered female entrepreneurs.





Have you ever felt that your life has a BIGGER PURPOSE than your 9 to 5 job, your next career move or strategy, but did not have the people to support you in your VISION?



Have you ever felt UNIQUE, special, or out of place - that you are somehow different from your peers, and you have not found YOUR TRIBE?



Have you felt yearning to EXPLORE THE DEPTHS OF YOUR SOUL - why you are here, what is your mission, and how you can impact others with your legacy - but lacked the SAFE PLACE and SUPPORT to do so?


If so, The Athena Circle is for you!


Inspiration, Support and Tools

To Grow Your Business, Evolve Your Spirituality, And Fulfill Your Purpose!


The Athena Circle is a global community of evolving, spiritually-driven female entrepreneurs who support and empower each other to have an elevated experience and abundance in business and in life while building their legacy.


The Athena Circle has been founded by Dagmar Fleming, author, speaker, founder of Unlock Your Success, and creator of Triple Quantum Reset™ process that allows entrepreneurs to release their emotional and mental blocks to success so that they can accelerate their growth, increase their income, and activate their potential.

Founder Dagmar Fleming

Love & Growth for Yourself and Your Business


Your Private Sanctuary For Connection, Empowerment, And Encouragement On Your Life's Journey

Explore Your Sprituality

Awaken your consciousness and come into profound alignment with your own inner intelligence – your Soul so that every moment of your life is a walk in grace, ease, and abundance.

​​Awaken to Your Life Purpose 

Unfold and fulfill your Divine mission so that it becomes an unwavering inner “North Star” guiding you on a sacred path of ever greater significance and meaningful contribution.

Unleash Your Potential

Activate genetic codings of your full Divine potential, and unlock your hidden innate gifts, enabling you to step effortlessly into new abilities.

Harness the Magic of Empowerment

Awaken your consciousness and come into profound alignment with your own inner intelligence – your Soul so that every moment of your life is a walk in grace, ease, and abundance.

Increase Your Business Acumen

Develop success mindset and powerful habits that enable you to step into new potentials with remarkable ease and fluidity.

Expand Your Inspiration

Burst your inner well of creativity that brings endless flow of new ideas, visions, and solutions from a place beyond the mind. 

Amplify Your Impact

Expand your network and make your impact with those who share your journey in full trust and appreciation.

Experience the Sisterhood

Experience the Athena sisterhood with all its encouragement of being seen, heard and supported.

Find the PATH you were born to follow!

  • Align your life with your passion.

  • Unleash your inner goddess - the power of divine feminine within you.

  • Learn how to use the Universal Laws to manifest your desires.

  • Master the quantum manifestation.

  • Adopt the frequency of abundance so you can manifest with ease the life you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Activate your inner genius and your talents hidden in your DNA to express all of your abilities.

  • Release the concept of struggle and bend time and space to manifest your outcomes with ease.


The Athena Circle embraces all expressions of feminine energy across all ages, races, cultures, political, and religious beliefs. 

The Athena Circle values


Athena is a Greek goddess, a warrior of truth and devotion. She stands for the truth of who you are - an immortal Soul unique in your beauty and unlimited potential.


She advocates finding the core truth of you – like a compass that is always pointing to the true North - and letting the higher aspect, your Soul, guide you to creative expressions of your innate powers.



  1. We offer you a safe space to explore who you are, what impact do you want to have, and how to deliver your purpose. 
  2. We are a platform to launch, grow and scale your business that is aligned with your Divine mission, innate gifts and passions.
  3. We put Soul back in business and are not afraid to engage with our spirituality in all aspects of our personal and professional life.


I'm proud to be a member of The Athena Circle where we uplift and motivate each other while we collaborate to find a higher calling for all of us in this changing world.  It is comforting to be with a group of like-minded, high vibration, and spiritual women during this time of uncertainly and isolation, so that we can collectively grow ourselves and our community by making a positive impact on the world. I’m excited for all the difference we will be making together!

Homa Ahmed

Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay

There are soooo many reasons I was drawn to The Athena Circle. It came down to this:  I was craving authenticity, collaboration, and clarity.  Authenticity in the "we" versus "me" mentality... REALLY caring about each other. Creativity in a group that wants to collaborate and create together rather than work in independent silos. Clarity for the part of me that asked the questions: "Why am I here?" and "How can I truly help others?" The Athena Circle offers me all of this and so much more!

Claire Billingsley

CEO of The Claire Group

I joined the Athena Circle in order to be surrounded with like-minded business women who are dedicated to improving themselves in a holistic manner.  I have found the Athena Circle to be filled with dynamic, fascinating women who are dedicated to supporting those around them with their knowledge, experience and drive to empower others.

Catherine Jones

CEO of The Edventives Group

After attending Dagmar's life- transforming Unlock Your Success coaching, I knew I needed to continue the journey I had begun with my personal and business growth. I discovered the enormous power of encouragement and support of like-minded businesswomen and the positive impact it has on success of my business. We are on the journey to support each other to develop and reach our higher goals in life, in business and on personal level. Just the tribe I was looking for!

Jaana Simula

Owner MostlyDesign.net

I joined The Athena Circle because I wanted to continue the expansion of my spiritual self. I have discovered I am a warrior and that’s just the beginning! I have found a tribe of ladies who share the same spirit of strength and determination. I look forward to the camaraderie!

Stephanie Harmon

Chief Prosecutor, Dallas County District Attorney’s Office

The Athena Circle is an adventure and exploration into who I was created to be and how my gifts show up in the world. It’s a platform where I can fully express my being, my purpose, and my destiny while feeling nurtured and supported. I look forward to sharing this inspiring journey with my community of sisters. 

Elva Hernandez

Distributor, Lifevantage


  • Have you ever felt like...

  • You have a strong desire to serve and EMPOWER others and wonder how you can make a difference?

  • You are searching for a tribe of like-minded, HEART-CENTERED peers and a safe space to develop and express your innate gifts and spirituality?

  • You feel yearning to understand and fulfill your DIVINE MISSION so you can impact others with your legacy?

  • You feel you have a strong unleashed WARRIOR within you, waiting to be set free and go after your dreams to uplift and change the world without a need to change yourself in the process?

  • You want to use your power for good of the COMMUNITY and elevating others and need a platform to launch, build and scale your passion?

If you answered yes to the questions above, congratulations, you're an ATHENA


Join us on this journey of exploration of who you are, what are you here to achieve, and what you are truly capable of.

The Athena Circle Dagmar Fleming

Be a warrior without fight,

fighter without fear,

and fearless without doubt

in pursuit of your Divine mission.

Dagmar Fleming

Founder, The Athena Circle

Invite Positive Changes in Your Life


LEAP FORWARD - How Did She Do It?

The Powerful Stories of The Athena Circle

Homa Ahmed, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay took a leap of faith to step into women leadership and empower other female entrepreneurs to take charge of their destiny. 


The Athena Circle is a spiritual community for women who are ready to embrace their innate gifts and talents and fulfill their Divine mission by monetizing their passions.


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